4-5 month support

The coaching is focused on you. You will onderstand better why you feel the way you feel, and act the way you do, and you will learn to change your perspective which creates options to make different choices, which will benefit you, your children and those around you.

I support you in becoming happy and self-secure again, but working on your future plan. The result: more conciousness and understanding for yourself, your children and your ex-partner.

Conciousness and values are at the core of the coaching on which building blocks such as grief, feelings, commucation and conflict resolution and positive upbringin can be built. According to your needs and yearning we will add buildingblocks.

Every session lasts 2 hours. In between the sessions I am available for advice through email or a phonecall.

The results after the coaching program: You gained:

  • Insights in emotions you feel throughout the separation process and beyond
  • Understanding of different communication styles and which you and the other parent prefer
  • Tools how to communicate effectively and with respect with each other
  • Tools to avoid / step out of conflict situations and get to a compromise
  • Advice on behaviour your children might show as a result of the divorce situation (optional)
  • A positive lookout of the future for yourself and your children

The training is meant for parents who are going through or have been divorced for some time, and wish to establish a solid and respectful relationship, but have difficulty with communicating with one another. I am happy to work with you both through individual sessions.

I´m interested in this training!