Because you want to do the right thing!

  • Are you feeling insecure about what will be happening now you are going to divorce/separate? Are fear and panic familiar feelings?
  • Are negotiations not progressing or are they even completely stuck?
  • Do you feel conversations can burst out into a conflict any moment?

Through the training and coaching, we help you take practical hurdles, organize your life, support you in the emotional rollercoaster, and provide you with tools to communicate in a respectful way with the other parent, resulting in constructive negotiations, control over your life and solid parenthood. You learn how to negotiate in order to experience less stress and more success through your divorce, and hence avoid a conflict divorce of which your children will mostly suffer.

‘Succesvol Scheiden’ (Successful Divorce) is a proven method. We support you through various programs:

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never received